woensdag 31 december 2014

DIY Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

Hello there!

Dry and chapped lips, one of the most annoying things. Unfortunately, I have them a lot... On those days lip balm is my best friend. I tried to make my own lip balm/ lip gloss. Super easy and perfect for you to try at home! Okay, let's go;

There are only three ingredients: coconut oil, Vaseline and an old blush.
I used blush to give my lip balm a nice colour, but you can use an old lipstick instead if you want to, or neither of both if you don't want it coloured.
Use the same amount of Vaseline and coconut oil and melt it in the microwave. Take it out every 30 to 45 seconds to stir it. When it's completely melted, you can add the blush or the lipstick. Mix it again and then you're done! yaay! (Except for the dishes....)
Just put it in a nice container and you can start to use it!

I've used it a few times now and I have to say that for me it's more a lip balm than a lip gloss, because it doesn't stay on for that long. (Not as long as I expect a lip gloss to stay on.) But the first two hours, it's a very nice lip gloss!

Don't expect that your lip gloss will have the exact same colour as the blush or lipstick. Mine turned out a bit different too. It has a beautiful peach/pink colour (as you can see on the picture.)

So that was it, the last post of 2014. This year has gone unbelievably fast...
Anyway, don't forget to send me a picture on twitter if you try to make this at home!

Have a lovely day,
Hanne .x

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zondag 28 december 2014

Christmas Presents I've Got This Year

Hello there!

Sadly, Christmas is already over. I hope y'all had a wonderful time! I had a great Christmas and today I'm going to show you the presents I've got.

My family is not really into giving presents on Christmas. Some years I get a present from my parents, but not every year. And I had never given a Christmas present, until this year. This year we decided that we would all buy a present for each other. I'm very happy with the ones I've got!

From my parents I got two present: a big mirror and a canvas with a beautiful picture of London. I've been asking for a mirror for a while now. When I was getting dressed I always had to go to my parents' room or the bathroom to see my outfit. Now I can just stay in my room, which is very nice. The mirror is quite big and has a black wooden frame.

My parents know that I'm totally in love with London, so that's why they gave me the canvas. I've always liked London from the pictures I've seen and the stories I've heard. When I finally went to London last summer, my love for the city only grew. I had an amazing time, and every time I see a youtuber walking around in London in one of their vlogs, I want to go back so badly! That's why I'm really happy to have some London themed decoration in my room. (I still need to give it a place on my wall.)
I'm very happy with the presents my parents got me, but I'm even happier with my brother's present. He bought me three books: 'the Tales of Beedle the Bard', 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them' and 'Quidditch Through the Ages'. All three of them are Harry Potter -related- books. They're all written by J.K. Rowling. The hardback books look very nice and they came in a 'Hogwarts Library' box. Adorable! I haven't had time to read them yet (because I first want to finish 'Looking For Alaska' by the amazing John Green.) But because I was very curious, I already looked at some pages and I've seen that in 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them' there are notes written at some pages from Harry, Ron and Hermione.
Part of the money my brother paid for the books goes to Comic Relief and Lumos, which is a very good idea of J.K. Rowling.
One of the first pages of 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them'

I hope you all like your Christmas presents as much as I do.
Let me know what your favourite present of this year is!

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

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donderdag 25 december 2014

Christmas Decorations

Hello there!

Tomorrow it's finally Christmas and like I've already told you, I'm so excited! Today I want to show you some of my Christmas decorations.

The last years I've never helped my dad with decorating the Christmas tree, because I always have exams around that time. But this year I couldn't resist. My dad has put the lights in the tree and the garland and then I've done all the other decorations. I'm so happy with this tree and I'm actually quite proud of my work. My dad normally hangs a lot more baubles in the tree, but my mom and I think it's nicer when there's a bit more space between them. I'm so excited for all the presents under the tree!

Of course the nativity scene is a part of my decoration. I know some of you probably don't have this, but in my family we've had this for as long as I can remember. I just can't imagine our living room with a Christmas tree but without the nativity scene. I really would feel like there's something missing.

This year I've found these cute little houses somewhere in the back of a cabinet. I asked my dad why I'd never seen them before and he said that my mom just doesn't like them. How can you not like them? They look amazing when it's dark and you put a tea light in them!

You've might seen these lanterns before somewhere on the internet. I promise you, they're not hard to make. I'm not a very handy person and mine turned out quite nice. You can make these lanterns all year round, just use a different pattern. But before you start hitting a tin can with a hammer, you maybe should read these tips I've got for you.
                    -Fill the tin can with water and put it in the freezer for a few hours before you start.                      This prevents that your tin can will get all dented when you start making the holes.
                    -Use a nail to make the holes. You might think that's quite obvious, but I had the brilliant
                     idea to start with a small chisel... Trust me when I tell you that using a nail is so much
                     easier and will go much faster.
If you try to make these, don't forget to send me a picture of it on twitter (@HanneVerleysen) or send me a picture of your favourite Christmas decoration (mine is definitely the tree)!

Have a Merry Christmas!
Hanne .x

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zondag 21 december 2014

Christmas - Michael Bublé

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk with you about my favourite Chirstmas album of this year, by Michael Bublé.

I started listening to Christmas music the second or third week of November. "Oh no, one of those people" you may think. Well, for me there is one rule: as soon as Halloween has gone, you can get out the Christmas decorations and music. So the second week of November isn't that early. ;)
This year I've really been enjoying Christmas by Michael Bublé. Of course I've listened to other Christmas albums too, but I just keep coming back to this one.
Now, why do I love it?
First of all, I'm a big fan of Christmas music in general. It gives me a very festive feeling and it makes me very excited because I realise it's that time of the year again.
The reason why I like Michael Bublé's album so much is because it has covers of the classic Christmas songs on it, like 'Jingle Bells', in a nice new version. But it also has some new songs on it, like 'Cold December Night'.
I think Michael Bublé has a brilliant voice and it's also very cosy (if that doesn't make sense, just listen to him). Another thing I love about this album is that it also has three duets: one with Shania Twain, one with Thalia and one with The Puppini Sisters. The female voices make a perfect combination with Bublé's.
My favourite song of this album is probably 'A Holy Joly Christmas'. Whenever I listen to it, I start snapping my fingers and I want to do weird dances (which I sometimes do when I'm at home). The original version of this song is by Burl Ives. To be honest with you, I had never heard of this song before I started listening to Michael Bublé's album and I personally think that the new version is better. Not only because I like this version more, but also because I like Bublé's voice more than Burl Ives'.

I haven't bought the album (yet), but I've listened to it on Spotify. So if you want to get a Christmassy feeling I can definitely recommend you Christmas by Michael Bublé!
Let me know what your favourite Christmas album is.

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

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woensdag 17 december 2014

Starting This Blog

Hello there!

Because this is my first post on this blog I think it's only fair to tell you how happy I am to start this
blog and also why I'm starting it.

I've been into writing since I was very young. I wrote stories, poems and even tried to write songs.
Now I'm a bit older and a lot has changed, but I'm still a big fan of writing. I just think it's a great way to express my thoughts and be creative. I don't write stories or poems anymore, but I still try to write songs every now and then and I also started writing letters last year. I was looking for something else that included writing, that's when I thought about starting a blog. The only thing I still needed was a topic to write about. Because I like a lot of different things and I don't want to write about only one of them, I thought it'd be a nice idea to come up with a wider topic.
I noticed that lately I started to appreciate the happy days in my life more and more and also the reasons why those days are happy days. So I thought that'd be a great topic for my blog, because I'd love to spend some more time concentrating on those things.
My blog design isn't completely finished yet, but I think it's okay to start with. If you'll come back in the future to read another post you might see some changes. For example, I'm still working on a header, so you can expect that one coming.

I really think this will be a wonderful experience and I hope that I can take some of you with me on this journey.

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you again this Sunday!
Hanne .x

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