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Edith Södergran | Poetry

Hello everyone!

I love reading so much! Not only reading books, but also reading poetry. One of my favourite poets is Edith Södergran. I had never heard of her before I read the book Through a Glass, Darkly (original title: I et speil, i en gåte) by Jostein Gaarder. At the beginning of the book there's a poem of Edith Södergran, and I immediately fell in love with her words.
Edith Södergran was a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet, who lived from 1892 to 1923. I -obviously- do not read her poems in Swedish, but in Dutch and sometimes in English. When she died she was not very popular, however, now she is known world wide and she is an influence for many other poets.
I would like to explain to you why I like her poems so much -and believe me, I tried- but I just cannot. I think there is only one way for you to find out why I like her so much. Here are some of my favourite poems written by Edith Södergran:

Joy is a butterfly
Fluttering low over the earth,
But sorrow is a bird
With big, strong, black wings.
They lift you high above life
Flowing below in sunlight and growth.
The bird of sorrow flies high
To where the angels of grief keep watch
Over death's lair.
-the poem in Jostein Gaarder's book-

 The world bathes in blood for God to survive.
For his magnificence to endure, all other must perish.
What do we humans know about how the eternal thrives
And what the gods drink to sustain their power?
God will create a new. He will re-shape the world into a clearer sign.
Therefore he girdles himself with a belt of lightning,
Therefore he carries a crown of flaming thorns,
Therefore he envelops the earth in blindness and night.
therefore his glance is grim. His creator-hands squeeze the Earth hard.
What he creates nobody knows. But it moves like a shiver through half-awakened senses.
It is like soaring towards deep ravines.
Before jubilous choirs break out in praising hymns
It is silent like the forest before the sun rises.
-written in 1918-

  I, my own prisoner say:
Life is not a springtime clad in light green velvet
Or a caress you rarely receive,
Life is not a decision about walking
Or two white arms holding you back.
Life is the narrow ring keeping us captive,
The invisible circle we never transcend,
Life is the close happiness which passes us by,
and a thousand steps we're unable to take.
Life is to despise oneself
And lay immobile at the bottom of a well
And know that the sun shines up there
And golden birds fly through the air
And the lightning-fast days shoot past.
Life is to wave a quick goodbye and return home to sleep.
Life is to be a stranger to oneself
And a new mask for each and every one who comes.
Life is to act thoughtlessly with your own happiness
And to push away the only moment,
Life is to believe oneself weak and nothing dare.

I really hope you like Edith Södergran her poems as much as I do.
Let me know -if you like poetry- who your favourite poet is! 

Have a wonderful day!
Hanne .x
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  1. Haar naam komt me heel erg bekend voor, maar ik heb nog nooit iets van haar gelezen!

    1. Nou, ik kan het ten zeerste aanraden! Veel van haar gedichten zijn ook in het Nederlands vertaald, dat leest wat makkelijker voor ons ;)

    2. Maar ik studeer Zweeds, dus het origineel zal voor mij ook wel lukken ;)

    3. Oh wauw, dat is echt wel tof! :D haha

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