zondag 4 januari 2015

Thinking Out Loud #1 Leelah Alcorn, LGBT and Acceptance

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you've had a wonderful 2014 and that 2015 will be even better. I want to wish you good health, because I really think that's the most important thing.
I was going to tell you my New Year's resolutions today, but there's something else that I really wanted to talk about. (I'll post my New Year's Resolutions on Wednesday.)
This post is about something that doesn't make me happy at all, so it doesn't really fit on my blog. But I just need to write about it. I know this will happen more often in the future and that's why I made 'Thinking Out Loud' a thing. For every post that's not about something that makes me happy, but about something I just need to write about.

Now, let's start this post. Most of you have probably already heard about this. On the 28th of December Leelah Alcorn, who was born as Joshua, committed suicide. She left a suicide note on tumblr where she tells the world that her parents are the reason that she felt unhappy, the reason that she didn't want to live anymore. She left a strong message and I think it has reached a lot of people. There are too many people who commit suicide because of being hated and misunderstood for being part of the LGBT community. And I really think this has to change. I just don't get how people can hate someone because they're in love with someone of the same gender or because they feel like they're born in the wrong body. For me this is the same as racism. You hate someone for something they can't help. You don't choose who you fall in love with, right? Neither do people who fall in love with someone of the same gender.
If one day my son tells me he is in love with a guy or he feels like he's a girl; if one day my daughter tells me she's in love with a girl or she feels like she's a boy, I will be proud and happy. Because they were brave enough to tell me and they trust me enough to tell me. I'll also be sad and worried. Because I don't like lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders? No. Because I know they will have a lot of problems and they will get loads of shitty comments from other people. But I'll be there for my child and I'll support him/her no matter what. I'll love my children unconditionally.
Before you get a child, you should think about this: will I always love my child? Will I love my child, no matter what? Even if he/she's going to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?
If the answer is no, I really don't think you should be a parent.

I honestly believe we can make this world a bit better by accepting the LGBT community. They're just normal people, like you and me. It's time everyone starts treating them like that.

Hanne .x

(Leelah's suicide note has been deleted from Tumblr, but you can still read it here.)

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  1. Ik vind dat je helemaal gelijk hebt. Mijn zus is samen met een vrouw en geen seconde heb ik daar last van gehad of mij daar slecht bij gevoeld.Helaas waren er wel mensen die besloten dat wij het toppunt van spot moesten worden en daar slechter bij moesten varen. Ik kreeg vaak te horen dat ik de zus van een freak was. Ik zelf stond op en riep dat ik liever de zus van een freak was dan een vriend van een loser. Plots kreeg ik veel meer respect van anderen omdat ze het moedig vonden dat ik opkwam voor mijn zus. Jammer dat er weer iemand zelfmoord pleegde omdat ze/hij zich ongelukkig voelde. Mooie post!

    1. Heel fijn om te horen dat je het opneemt voor je zus! :)