woensdag 18 februari 2015

Warsaw - part 2

Hello beautiful people!

On Sunday I already told you about the first part of my exchange project in Warsaw. Today, I am going to tell you about the second part.

Saturday was my favourite day of the whole trip. First, we went to the old town, where we had some kind of photo search. The old town is such a wonderful place! The buildings are lower than in the centrum of Warsaw and it is much more colourful! It was super cold, so we went for a hot chocolate in E. Wedel, a Polish chocolate shop. Normally, I am not a big fan of hot chocolate, but this one was delicious! 
While we were walking around in the old town I saw a strange bench. Distributed accross Warsaw are a few 'Chopin benches'. If you press the button on the bench, a song of Chopin starts playing. Such a nice idea!
After we went home to change for some warmer clothes, we went to a forest. There we first had a sleigh ride with horses through the forest and after that there was a bonfire. Everything was very cosy and nice. Some people were playing in the snow, some were eating, some were just talking. I think everyone was having a great time. (Except for that one guy in my class who then broke his nose...)
When we came home I had a conversation with Jula and her family and I learned some more about laws in Poland. It is very sad, but in Poland euthanasia, abortion and gay marriage are not allowed. Gay people are not even allowed to adopt a child... That chocked me a little bit. I knew that there were countries where this was happening, but it surprised me that Poland is one of them.

We slept quite long on Sunday (which was something I really needed.) We went to a big shopping centre, where we met some other people from the exchange. After that we went home again and watched some episodes of the first season of American Horror Story.

First, we went to a museum about the history of Polish Jews. It was a new museum and I found it very interesting. Then we were free for the rest of the day, so we went back to the shopping centre. My friend took me to Pull&Bear, where I had never been before (even though we have it in Belgium), and there I bought a very nice burgundy jumper that says 'Nobody asked you'.
In the evening we ate some typical Polish food: pierogi and something else that I forgot the name of. The food was very nice. The pierogi was so much better than the one we had in school on Wednesday! (luckily)
After dinner, we finished watching the first season of American Horror Story (yes, we watched the whole season in two days. haha)
Tuesday already the last day :(
Normally, we were going to the palace of culture, because it is a heigh building and you have a great view if you go to the top. However, there was too much fog, so there was no point in going there. Instead we walked to a park where the summer palace of the last king of Poland is. We also saw a statue of Chopin and a bunch of squirrels. The strange thing is that the squirrels were not afraid at all. When you try to get closer to a squirrel in Belgium, it runs away from you as quick as possible. In that park we could get very close to the squirrels, because normally people feed them there. After lunch we had a little bit of time left, so we went to Reserved, a shop with such nice clothing. Sadly, it is a Polish shop that we do not have in Belgium :( If you ever go to Poland and you like shopping, you really should go to Reserved.
After that it was already time to say goodbye. The time had gone so fast!

Me an Jula in the park
I had an amazing time in Warsaw and I am really going to miss Jula! (I already do.) I plan to go back to Poland in a few years.
If you are looking for a holiday destination, than I really recommend Warsaw. It may not be the first place that you had in mind and it may not sound that nice, but I promise you: it is an amazing city!
Have you ever been to Poland?

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

(again, these pictures are not mine but my friend's.)

zondag 15 februari 2015


Hello everyone!

This school year me and my class had the amazing opportunity to take part in an exchange project. In October, a class from Poland came to Belgium. Every Belgium student got a Polish exchange partner that we had to take care of for the whole week. I was very lucky that my exchange partner, Jula, was a great girl. We get along very well and we became friends. After that amazing week in Belgium, we kept talking to each other on Facebook and 4 months later -so that was this month- me and my class went to Warsaw. I stayed with Jula the whole week and I had an incredible time. In this post I would like to tell you about all the things I have done and I have seen.

We arrived in the airport in Poland after a 1 hour and 45 minutes flight. The flight was great. Honestly, I really like flying, especially when it is dark outside. It is amazing to see all the little lights on the streets. The first thing I thought when we arrived in the city was "wow, everything is so big!" I am not used to live in such a big city. After I met Jula's mom and aunt, who were very nice, we went home. There I also met the dogs. I am not a big fan of dogs when I don't really know them. If I get to know them and I really trust them, then I love dogs. Jula has two dogs: a small one and a big one. I have been a bit scared of the big one the whole week, but the little one was adorable.

We had some sort of quiz/game in school before lunch. After lunch we walked to the Royal Castle in the Old Town. The building and the rooms were amazing and impressive, but the guide was quite boring. After we had visited the Castle, we went home with some other girls. We talked a lot and had sushi. It was the first time I ate sushi and I quite liked it.

On Thursday we went to the Copernicus Science Centre. It is an interactive 'museum' with a lot of scientific experiments and games. After we had spend a few hours there, we went bowling. We played in groups of 5/6 people. Luckily, there were great people in my group. I also won the game -and that was quite unexpected-.
Something that was really notable for us, Belgian people, was that Polish people eat so much! Here in Belgium (and I think in most other countries too), we eat three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Poland however they eat four times a day. At the end of the day I always felt sooo full! haha, Luckily I am now back to my normal eating pattern.

We had to wake up so early, because we were going to Torun. Torun is an old, medieval town. The bus trip was 3 hours and a half, so we spent 7 hours on the bus that day. It was quite long, but I still liked it. We talked, slept and sang songs together.
Torun is a very nice and cozy town. We walked around with a guide, who told us some old stories and showed us the nicest buildings and places. We also saw a house were Nicolas Copernicus should have lived for a while.
The only thing I did not enjoy so much that day was the weather. The sun shined brightly, but it was still very cold and there was a lot of snow. And of course, when there is snow and there are some 15 year old boys, we all know what happens...
After walking around in the town, we went to a planetarium. We watched a film about space there. Well, we tried to. Since everyone was so tired and we were sitting in very comfortable chairs, a lot of us fell asleep (even my teacher). I found it quite annoying, because I was really interested in it, but I was just too tired to stay awake.

I really like this picture taken of me in Torun!

This is what we have done on the first days. I will tell you about the other days on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

btw; these are not my pictures, but my friend's. I used these pictures because my friends are so much better at photography than me.

woensdag 11 februari 2015

My 2015 Wishlist

Hello beautiful people!

Yes, it is already February, but that does not mean it is to late for me to make this post. I want to make a wishlist for 2015. A list of all the things that I would like to buy this year. These are all material things. I also have a wishlist with 'mental things' -there probably is a better name for that-, my New Year's Resolutions.

Love, Tanya
I absolutely love Tanya Burr's youtube videos and that is the reason why I would love to read her book. 'Love, Tanya' is not a novel. It is a book with a lot of different things in it: from beauty to baking. She also talks about her life and her childhood etc. To me it seems that her book is a bit like her youtube channel: some bits and bops of everything and I am 100% sure that I will love it.

I have been using concealer for not so very long and that is why I don't have a proper one myself. When I want to wear concealer, I always use my mom's old one, but I don't really like it.
I have been reading a lot of blogs about concealer and I watched some youtube videos about it to find out what the good drugstore concealers are. Two concealers that look incredible to me are the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. There is only one problem: they don't sell them in Belgium. So I am continuing my research for good drugstore concealers. Recommendations are always welcome. Next to the concealer itself, I would also like to buy a brush for my concealer. I hate it when my fingers are dirty after applying makeup. I am very interested in the Zoeva 142 and the Zoeva 144, but I still have to decide which one I will get.


Same story as the concealer: I use my mom's eyeshadow palettes and some annoying plastic brushes. I really like neutral makeup and that is why I would want to get Sleek I Divine eyeshadow Au Natural. It looks like a beautiful palette and the reviews I have read all say that it has a good pigmentation and it is very nice to use. Next to the palette I would also like to get some brushes for eyeshadow: the Zoeva 223 and the Zoeva 227.

Domo My blender
Okay, something totally different now. I have really been into healthy eating lately. Smoothies are one of my favourite healthy snacks/drinks/meals. The only annoying thing about it is that when I make a smoothie I always have to do so many dishes, since I use a normal blender or mixer. That is why I would like to get the Domo My Blender or something similar. It is very easy to use; you put your ingredients in a drinking bottle, you put the knife on the bottle, you mix everything, you take of the knife, you put on the lid and you are done.

New room decoration
When I was about ten years old, my parents let me decide which colour my dad had to paint the walls of my bedroom. They also let me pick some decorations etc. Now I have pink and blue walls and a lot of posters on them. I liked it when I was ten, now I hate it. Your bedroom should be a place where you really feel at home, a place that shows who you are. That is why my dad is going to paint my walls again this summer and I am looking for some different decoration. The next months I will probably be looking through pinterest for inspiration a lot.

There is not so much to explain here. The capo for my guitar is a bit broken and I really need a new one.

Hand Sanitizer
Sometimes when I am in a public place, like in school or on the train, I don't like to touch a lot of things because it can be quite dirty. Don't worry, I don't have hosophobia (fear of dirt), but a hand sanitizer that I can just take with me in my bag would be very welcome.

I am not sure if I will succeed in getting everything, but I am going to try.
What is on your wishlist for 2015?

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

zondag 8 februari 2015

Playing Music

Hello there!

Music is something very special. Everyone experiences it his own way and there is a genre for everyone.

Music is a big part of my life. I have music playing in the background all the time; while I am studying, while I am writing, while I am reading, while I am in the bath, while I am in the car or in the train etc.
Next to listening to music, I also love to play music myself. I play the piano, the guitar (acoustic and electric), I sing -when there are not too many people listening- and I can play the ukulele a bit. I have been following piano lessons for about 5 years and guitar lessons for about 4 years.
I sometimes try to write my own songs. It is amazing to combine two of my biggest passions: words and music. Music is a great way for me to express my emotions and to cheer me up whenever I feel down.
I am very happy that this is my hobby. I have played basketball for quite a while (I stopped last year) and honestly, if I compare it to playing music, it was not a good hobby at all. I did not enjoy it as much as playing music, I even did not like it sometimes.

What is your favourite hobby?
And do you play an instrument?

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

zondag 1 februari 2015


Hello everyone,

You already know how much I love writing. This blog is not the only place where I like to write, I also really like snailmail. Since the internet has been invented and people started to send emails, the normal letters and postal service became less popular. I think that is a bit of a shame, because receiving a letter is so much nicer than receiving an email. That is why I now have two penpals.
I got inspired by my mom. When she was about my age, she had a few penpals herself. I have read some of the letters she still had and I absolutely loved the idea of getting to know someone from a different country. It is so much fun to learn about a new country and a different culture, but also to talk about your personal life, about things that happen in the world etc. Basically, to become friends.
My two penpals are Mia and Stefano. Mia is a Norwegian girl, who is as old as me. We have been sending letters to each other for about a year now and I really feel like I know her and we have become friends. Stefano is an Italian boy, who is a year older than me. We haven't been penpals for that long, but already two letters got lost. Since we have to send them again when they get lost, it takes much more time. That is also the reason why I do not know Stefano that good, yet. It is probably the Italian postal service that has lost these letters, because I have never got any problems with sending letters to Mia. "I think it was easier sending letters in the Ancient Rome than now! Italian postal service is awful." is what Stefano said about this. Anyway, I am not giving up, and well how many more letters could get lost? It won't happen every time, right? (hopefully...)
Next to writing the letters and meeting new people, there is another fun thing about snailmail: the decorating. I love to decorate my letters and envelopes with washi tape or to draw/colour something on the envelope. It makes them so much prettier and decorated letters are also even more fun to receive. Of course I would love to meet both of my penpals one day. When I am a bit older and I know them even better, I am probably going to travel to Norway and Italy.

Now, you might wonder where you can find a penpal. There are some amazing sites on the world wide web to find the perfect person. To find my own penpals I used InterPals and PenPal World. Personally, I think Interpal is nicer to use, because you cannot only search on age and gender, but also on continent and country.

I am so happy and grateful that I have discovered the wonderful world of snailmail!
I really hope that some of you are going to give it a try.

Have a wonderful day!
Hanne .x

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