zondag 1 februari 2015


Hello everyone,

You already know how much I love writing. This blog is not the only place where I like to write, I also really like snailmail. Since the internet has been invented and people started to send emails, the normal letters and postal service became less popular. I think that is a bit of a shame, because receiving a letter is so much nicer than receiving an email. That is why I now have two penpals.
I got inspired by my mom. When she was about my age, she had a few penpals herself. I have read some of the letters she still had and I absolutely loved the idea of getting to know someone from a different country. It is so much fun to learn about a new country and a different culture, but also to talk about your personal life, about things that happen in the world etc. Basically, to become friends.
My two penpals are Mia and Stefano. Mia is a Norwegian girl, who is as old as me. We have been sending letters to each other for about a year now and I really feel like I know her and we have become friends. Stefano is an Italian boy, who is a year older than me. We haven't been penpals for that long, but already two letters got lost. Since we have to send them again when they get lost, it takes much more time. That is also the reason why I do not know Stefano that good, yet. It is probably the Italian postal service that has lost these letters, because I have never got any problems with sending letters to Mia. "I think it was easier sending letters in the Ancient Rome than now! Italian postal service is awful." is what Stefano said about this. Anyway, I am not giving up, and well how many more letters could get lost? It won't happen every time, right? (hopefully...)
Next to writing the letters and meeting new people, there is another fun thing about snailmail: the decorating. I love to decorate my letters and envelopes with washi tape or to draw/colour something on the envelope. It makes them so much prettier and decorated letters are also even more fun to receive. Of course I would love to meet both of my penpals one day. When I am a bit older and I know them even better, I am probably going to travel to Norway and Italy.

Now, you might wonder where you can find a penpal. There are some amazing sites on the world wide web to find the perfect person. To find my own penpals I used InterPals and PenPal World. Personally, I think Interpal is nicer to use, because you cannot only search on age and gender, but also on continent and country.

I am so happy and grateful that I have discovered the wonderful world of snailmail!
I really hope that some of you are going to give it a try.

Have a wonderful day!
Hanne .x

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