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Hello everyone!

This school year me and my class had the amazing opportunity to take part in an exchange project. In October, a class from Poland came to Belgium. Every Belgium student got a Polish exchange partner that we had to take care of for the whole week. I was very lucky that my exchange partner, Jula, was a great girl. We get along very well and we became friends. After that amazing week in Belgium, we kept talking to each other on Facebook and 4 months later -so that was this month- me and my class went to Warsaw. I stayed with Jula the whole week and I had an incredible time. In this post I would like to tell you about all the things I have done and I have seen.

We arrived in the airport in Poland after a 1 hour and 45 minutes flight. The flight was great. Honestly, I really like flying, especially when it is dark outside. It is amazing to see all the little lights on the streets. The first thing I thought when we arrived in the city was "wow, everything is so big!" I am not used to live in such a big city. After I met Jula's mom and aunt, who were very nice, we went home. There I also met the dogs. I am not a big fan of dogs when I don't really know them. If I get to know them and I really trust them, then I love dogs. Jula has two dogs: a small one and a big one. I have been a bit scared of the big one the whole week, but the little one was adorable.

We had some sort of quiz/game in school before lunch. After lunch we walked to the Royal Castle in the Old Town. The building and the rooms were amazing and impressive, but the guide was quite boring. After we had visited the Castle, we went home with some other girls. We talked a lot and had sushi. It was the first time I ate sushi and I quite liked it.

On Thursday we went to the Copernicus Science Centre. It is an interactive 'museum' with a lot of scientific experiments and games. After we had spend a few hours there, we went bowling. We played in groups of 5/6 people. Luckily, there were great people in my group. I also won the game -and that was quite unexpected-.
Something that was really notable for us, Belgian people, was that Polish people eat so much! Here in Belgium (and I think in most other countries too), we eat three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Poland however they eat four times a day. At the end of the day I always felt sooo full! haha, Luckily I am now back to my normal eating pattern.

We had to wake up so early, because we were going to Torun. Torun is an old, medieval town. The bus trip was 3 hours and a half, so we spent 7 hours on the bus that day. It was quite long, but I still liked it. We talked, slept and sang songs together.
Torun is a very nice and cozy town. We walked around with a guide, who told us some old stories and showed us the nicest buildings and places. We also saw a house were Nicolas Copernicus should have lived for a while.
The only thing I did not enjoy so much that day was the weather. The sun shined brightly, but it was still very cold and there was a lot of snow. And of course, when there is snow and there are some 15 year old boys, we all know what happens...
After walking around in the town, we went to a planetarium. We watched a film about space there. Well, we tried to. Since everyone was so tired and we were sitting in very comfortable chairs, a lot of us fell asleep (even my teacher). I found it quite annoying, because I was really interested in it, but I was just too tired to stay awake.

I really like this picture taken of me in Torun!

This is what we have done on the first days. I will tell you about the other days on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful day,
Hanne .x

btw; these are not my pictures, but my friend's. I used these pictures because my friends are so much better at photography than me.

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