zondag 22 maart 2015

Three Things Tag

I saw this tag a little while ago on Stella's blog and it seemed like a great tag for me to fill in! (Stella's blog is written in Dutch so I have translated the tag into English.)  I picked some of the questions out and here are my answers:

Three things in my bag
-Lip balm; It finally became a habit to take a lip balm with me everywhere I go. Now on most days my lips are soft and not chapped. Hooray!
-My planner. If I forget to take my planner with me to school it is horrible! I cannot remember all the tests and homework, so I really need to write everything down.
-Earphones; When I am waiting for my train, I really enjoy listening to a bit of music. Some days when I am stressed, I just need some music to calm down.

Three things on my desk
-Water. I am trying to drink more water lately, because it is so important to stay hydrated! I also always have a bottle of water in my bag btw.
-Candles. While I was studying for my Winter exams, I liked to lit a candle. The candles are still on my desk, even though I don't lit them anymore.
-And that brings me to the third thing: mess. I am not a very tidy person, so there is always some mess on my desk. I -try to- tidy up once a week...

Three favourite kinds of fruit
Hm.... this is a very hard one, since I really love fruit!
-Apple; I always eat an apple at school during the break at 10 o'clock
-Strawberry; I only eat strawberries in summer and I guess that is what makes them a bit more special.
-Banana; Bananas are amazing! They are great in smoothies or in oatmeal, but also alone!

Three songs that I cannot get out of my head
-(What a) wonderful world by Sam Cooke; I was listening to a playlist on Spotify and this song started playing. It is such a feel good song! Love it :)
-One Perfect Moment from 'Bring it on' the musical; last week a girl I know sang this song and I really liked it. Since then I have listened to it multiple times a day.
-Even My Dad Does Sometimes by Ed Sheeran; At the moment this is my favourite song of his album X. I absolutely love all the other songs on this album too, basically I just love all Ed Sheeran's music. He is super talented!

Three things that I am thinking about at the moment
-I really need to reply to Mia's letter today This week I received a letter from Mia and I planned to send one back this weekend. It is Sunday evening, so I am not sure if it will get done today...
-Is it time for dinner yet? It is now 7.30 and I am getting a bit hungry...
-I need to go to the toilet. Like I already said, I recently started drinking more water. The down side of that is that I have to go to the toilet all the time... TMI?

Three things that make me happy
-It is now officially spring! I don't have a favourite season. I just always get excited when the season changes, because that means different clothes, different food, different weather etc.
-(dark) chocolate
-my friends and family. It may sound cheesy, but these people are amazing and make me so happy and grateful.

Three favourite quotes
-Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
-Learn to realise what you have before the time makes you realise what you had. (-Sophie)
-The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come.

Three holiday destinations
-Brighton; I watch a lot of vloggers who live in Brighton and it seems like an amazing place to go on holiday!
-Norway; The nature in Norway looks wonderful! I would love to go to Norway to meet Mia, enjoy the nature and also see the northern lights.
-(I am not so sure about the third one. I want to go to the US, to Australia, to Italy, to Greece, etc)

Three things I want to do this year
-Give my bedroom a big makeover; I am planning to do this this summer. Exciting!
-Workout more; I have been eating more healthy for a few months now, but I know that if I really want to be healthy I also have to workout a bit more.
-Enjoy the little things of every day.

If you want to, you can leave your answers to these questions in the comments or fill in the tag on your own blog!
Have an amazing week!

Hanne .x

zondag 15 maart 2015

My 16th Birthday!

Thursday it was the 12th of March and that means: MY BIRTHDAAAAAY! :D
This year I turned 16 and today I am going to tell you about that day.

I wanted to wear something comfortable, so I wore my favourite jeans and the jumper that I bought in Warsaw. Obviously, I had to go to school on Thursday. I had PE, which I normally don't like. However, this time it was quite fun because we played badminton and laughed a lot. We did not have to run and that made me a very happy girl. After school I saw my best friend, Ciska, for 15 minutes and that was really one of the best parts of this day. I don't see her as often as I would like to, so it was nice that we could spend some time together. At home I kind of skipped all the homework and studying (my test the next day did not go very well...) and I just played some piano and guitar and watched youtube videos. We have sort of a 'tradition' at home that when it is someone's birthday, that person can choose what we eat for dinner. I pick the same thing every year: french fries with apple sauce and frikandel (a Belgian/Dutch meat, snack thingy). My parents don't like this combination, but I absolutely love it.
My outfit

Morning selfie!
Birthday of course also means presents!
On Wednesday two girls from my class showed up at my door with a present. They had not told me anything, so I was actually a bit startled when I saw them. I was even more startled when I saw the present they had bought me: two fish. I did not get the chance to give them a name, because obviously my friends had already named them after themselves.
An other friend from my class gave me some little chocolate eggs from his dad's chocolate shop on Thursday. They taste absolutely amazing! -For those of you who did not know it yet: I am in love with chocolate! c;-
My parents have also bought me a little present online. The only problem is that it has not arrived yet so I have to wait a few days.
A few hours ago I also ordered myself a little present, because: why not!? I ordered the Zoeva 227, Zoeva 230 and the Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special palette. (You can expect a post about them in the future!)
However, the most amazing present of all was the one I got from my best friend. She had bought a little notebook and in it she wrote a lot of things and pasted some photos and poems etc. It is such an original and personal present!
And of course I also got some lovely cards from family and friends.

The black one's name is Frauke and the white one is Pauline

Thanks to everyone who made this day so wonderful!

Hanne .x

woensdag 11 maart 2015

Goodbye Winter

Spring is coming
and your time to leave is almost there
you have already started packing your bags
on the bottom of your suitcase is the white and soft snow
on top of that you laid your freezing temperatures
One by one you are also taking the flames
from all the fireplaces
Spring will replace all of this 
She will bring more sunshine with her
and also little flowers and birds everywhere
when you and Spring swap places,
we will swap our clothes
our favourite warm sweater 
will make place for our favourite tshirt
and our favourite pair of boots 
will return to their old familiar place in our closet
A lot of people are happy you are leaving 
and they won't miss you at all
but dear Winter,
you should know that I will miss you
and your snow, your freezing temperatures, the flames from the fireplace 
and especially my favourite warm sweater.
Goodbye Winter,
We will meet again in a few months

I saw a lot of people write a little post about spring that is coming, but no one seemed to care that winter will be gone for a few months... Honestly, I love all 4 seasons :)

zondag 8 maart 2015


Some people absolutely hate maths and that is okay, everyone hates a few subjects,. However, I am that kind of person who loves mathematics (quite obvious; otherwise I would probably not be writing a blogpost about this). It is my favourite subject in school, but the kind of maths we learn there is not my favourite. My favourite kind/part of mathematics is solving problems like the ones you get on an Olympiad. Wednesday I went to the second round of the Flemish Mathematical Olympiad. (It went quite well, but I have to wait two weeks to know if I am through to the next round.) Honestly, I sometimes try to solve some of the Olympiad problems from the past years at home in the weekend or during vacation. It is a good practice for the Flemish Mathematical Olympiad and I also just really enjoy it. Haha, I sound like an absolute nerd right now. -Well, maybe I am? c;- The reason why I like this kind of maths more is because every problem is completely different. You have to use your creativity to find a good way to solve it and when you have finally solved it you have to start all over again for the next question. When you solve mathematics problems in school, they are all the same and you just use the method you learned ten minutes before from your teacher. It is so different...
Yes, I am also that kind of person who actually thinks math jokes are funny. Like the picture above or this one: '3 out of 2 people have problems with fractions.'

I have been through a lot of phases when it comes to what job I want to do later. From hair dresser to fashion designer. For a few years I was really sure that I wanted to become a psychologist, but my idea has totally changed in the last few months. I have been realising more and more how much I like mathematics, and I just really want to do something with it after I graduated. I am not quite sure what I am going to study later, probably civil engineer or mathematician.
Normally, thinking about my future scares me, but now that I am starting to know what I want, it kind of excites me a little!

I am very sorry for those of you who do not like maths and are still reading this. -I promise that my next post won't be about mathematics! ;) -
What is/used to be your favourite subject in school?

Have a wonderful day (and a nice π day next Saturday!)
Hanne .x

woensdag 4 maart 2015

Thinking Out Loud #2 Why I Love/Hate Talent Shows

Last Friday I was watching 'The best of X Factor worldwide' with my parents and at some point I realised that I actually hate talent shows,-wel, hate is a strong word, maybe 'don't like' is better...- but at the same time I love them. Let me tell you why...

Let us start on a positive note.
-A talent show gives everyone the chance to make their dream come true. Everyone who wants to can try. All these normal people who have become famous only because of a talent show. Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons why I love them.
-Of course I also enjoy watching talent shows. Seeing people grow through the competition and being supportive for the person you think who deserves it the most to win.

Hate/Don't like
-For every single person who's dream comes true in a talent show, there are hundreds of dreams being destroyed. It is sad to see that some people try so hard and they have been dreaming about being successful with their talent for so long and then their dream get destroyed right before their eyes.
-Some of the judges are unbelievably rude and it really is unnecessary. Of course there are a lot of judges who are amazing like Demi Lovato and Cheryl Cole and a lot more, who actually struggle to tell people they are not good enough. Then you also have those judges -I am not naming them, you all know who I am talking about- who seem to find it funny when they can break someone down. It absolutely disgusts me. You know, there are also friendlier ways to tell someone they are not good enough. You do not have to make them feel even worse.
-While watching a talent show -and especially the auditions- most people laugh at the candidates who are not good, who do not sing very well. Yes, it is funny sometimes, but it is so wrong to actually laugh at those people. They came to the auditions to try and make their dream come true. We should actually look up to them, because they have got the guts to try and they are so brave.
I do not judge any of you, honestly I sometimes laugh at those people myself. However, I think we should keep this in mind while watching.   
-The voting system. When people at home can vote for who they want to go to the next round, you often see that people vote for the most handsome person instead of the most talented. It is absolutely not fair. This is a talent show, not America's next top model or something similar.
There was once a talent show on Belgian tv, 'The Best Singer- Songwriter of Flanders' and in this show people at home could not vote. The judges always decided who would go through to the next round.  This way the winner was actually the most talented person and not the most handsome person or the person with the most fans. I understand that letting people at home vote is a great way to earn money for the people who make the show, but maybe they should think about this again...

I am still going to watch talent shows in the future and I am not saying you cannot anymore. I just really had to write a blogpost about this and share it with you.

What is your favourite talent show? And what do you love/hate about them?

Have a lovely day,
Hanne .x

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zondag 1 maart 2015

America Today and Hollister Haul

The sun starts to shine more, flowers start to grow and everyone gets a little bit happier. Yes, spring is coming. A new season also means new clothes, yaaay! Today I am going to show you what I bought in America Today and Hollister.

The first item is a dress from America Today. I did not buy this for spring, but for summer. I am normally not that kind of person who wears a lot of dresses and skirts, but I am starting to like them more and more. I really like the little pocket that is in the front. - I did not even notice the pocket was there, until I took the pictures. -
It is a shame that I won't be able to wear this dress to school, unless I wear a jacket or something like that. Basically, we are not allowed to wear something with 'narrow' straps in school...

Next is this lovely skirt I bought in Hollister. It has a beautiful floral pattern and is very colorful. It looks like something for summer, but I think it would actually look quite good with black tights under it when it is still a little bit colder.

I think this shirt from America Today is my favourite item of this haul. It is light pink and has a floral pattern that kind of fades. The back of the shirt looks the same. I think this shirt is great for going to school but also for something more special.

 The last one is this shirt from America Today, also with a floral pattern. This one is more casual and perfect for school. I really like that the sleeves are rolled up a tiny bit. The flowers are actually more pink, but this picture shows it like they are orange. -I do not know why-

Yes, I realise that all these clothes have a floral print on them and I absolutely love it.
Have you already bought new clothes for spring? And what is your favourite item of this haul?

Have an amazing day,
Hanne .x

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