zondag 1 maart 2015

America Today and Hollister Haul

The sun starts to shine more, flowers start to grow and everyone gets a little bit happier. Yes, spring is coming. A new season also means new clothes, yaaay! Today I am going to show you what I bought in America Today and Hollister.

The first item is a dress from America Today. I did not buy this for spring, but for summer. I am normally not that kind of person who wears a lot of dresses and skirts, but I am starting to like them more and more. I really like the little pocket that is in the front. - I did not even notice the pocket was there, until I took the pictures. -
It is a shame that I won't be able to wear this dress to school, unless I wear a jacket or something like that. Basically, we are not allowed to wear something with 'narrow' straps in school...

Next is this lovely skirt I bought in Hollister. It has a beautiful floral pattern and is very colorful. It looks like something for summer, but I think it would actually look quite good with black tights under it when it is still a little bit colder.

I think this shirt from America Today is my favourite item of this haul. It is light pink and has a floral pattern that kind of fades. The back of the shirt looks the same. I think this shirt is great for going to school but also for something more special.

 The last one is this shirt from America Today, also with a floral pattern. This one is more casual and perfect for school. I really like that the sleeves are rolled up a tiny bit. The flowers are actually more pink, but this picture shows it like they are orange. -I do not know why-

Yes, I realise that all these clothes have a floral print on them and I absolutely love it.
Have you already bought new clothes for spring? And what is your favourite item of this haul?

Have an amazing day,
Hanne .x

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