woensdag 11 maart 2015

Goodbye Winter

Spring is coming
and your time to leave is almost there
you have already started packing your bags
on the bottom of your suitcase is the white and soft snow
on top of that you laid your freezing temperatures
One by one you are also taking the flames
from all the fireplaces
Spring will replace all of this 
She will bring more sunshine with her
and also little flowers and birds everywhere
when you and Spring swap places,
we will swap our clothes
our favourite warm sweater 
will make place for our favourite tshirt
and our favourite pair of boots 
will return to their old familiar place in our closet
A lot of people are happy you are leaving 
and they won't miss you at all
but dear Winter,
you should know that I will miss you
and your snow, your freezing temperatures, the flames from the fireplace 
and especially my favourite warm sweater.
Goodbye Winter,
We will meet again in a few months

I saw a lot of people write a little post about spring that is coming, but no one seemed to care that winter will be gone for a few months... Honestly, I love all 4 seasons :)

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