zondag 8 maart 2015


Some people absolutely hate maths and that is okay, everyone hates a few subjects,. However, I am that kind of person who loves mathematics (quite obvious; otherwise I would probably not be writing a blogpost about this). It is my favourite subject in school, but the kind of maths we learn there is not my favourite. My favourite kind/part of mathematics is solving problems like the ones you get on an Olympiad. Wednesday I went to the second round of the Flemish Mathematical Olympiad. (It went quite well, but I have to wait two weeks to know if I am through to the next round.) Honestly, I sometimes try to solve some of the Olympiad problems from the past years at home in the weekend or during vacation. It is a good practice for the Flemish Mathematical Olympiad and I also just really enjoy it. Haha, I sound like an absolute nerd right now. -Well, maybe I am? c;- The reason why I like this kind of maths more is because every problem is completely different. You have to use your creativity to find a good way to solve it and when you have finally solved it you have to start all over again for the next question. When you solve mathematics problems in school, they are all the same and you just use the method you learned ten minutes before from your teacher. It is so different...
Yes, I am also that kind of person who actually thinks math jokes are funny. Like the picture above or this one: '3 out of 2 people have problems with fractions.'

I have been through a lot of phases when it comes to what job I want to do later. From hair dresser to fashion designer. For a few years I was really sure that I wanted to become a psychologist, but my idea has totally changed in the last few months. I have been realising more and more how much I like mathematics, and I just really want to do something with it after I graduated. I am not quite sure what I am going to study later, probably civil engineer or mathematician.
Normally, thinking about my future scares me, but now that I am starting to know what I want, it kind of excites me a little!

I am very sorry for those of you who do not like maths and are still reading this. -I promise that my next post won't be about mathematics! ;) -
What is/used to be your favourite subject in school?

Have a wonderful day (and a nice π day next Saturday!)
Hanne .x

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