zondag 15 maart 2015

My 16th Birthday!

Thursday it was the 12th of March and that means: MY BIRTHDAAAAAY! :D
This year I turned 16 and today I am going to tell you about that day.

I wanted to wear something comfortable, so I wore my favourite jeans and the jumper that I bought in Warsaw. Obviously, I had to go to school on Thursday. I had PE, which I normally don't like. However, this time it was quite fun because we played badminton and laughed a lot. We did not have to run and that made me a very happy girl. After school I saw my best friend, Ciska, for 15 minutes and that was really one of the best parts of this day. I don't see her as often as I would like to, so it was nice that we could spend some time together. At home I kind of skipped all the homework and studying (my test the next day did not go very well...) and I just played some piano and guitar and watched youtube videos. We have sort of a 'tradition' at home that when it is someone's birthday, that person can choose what we eat for dinner. I pick the same thing every year: french fries with apple sauce and frikandel (a Belgian/Dutch meat, snack thingy). My parents don't like this combination, but I absolutely love it.
My outfit

Morning selfie!
Birthday of course also means presents!
On Wednesday two girls from my class showed up at my door with a present. They had not told me anything, so I was actually a bit startled when I saw them. I was even more startled when I saw the present they had bought me: two fish. I did not get the chance to give them a name, because obviously my friends had already named them after themselves.
An other friend from my class gave me some little chocolate eggs from his dad's chocolate shop on Thursday. They taste absolutely amazing! -For those of you who did not know it yet: I am in love with chocolate! c;-
My parents have also bought me a little present online. The only problem is that it has not arrived yet so I have to wait a few days.
A few hours ago I also ordered myself a little present, because: why not!? I ordered the Zoeva 227, Zoeva 230 and the Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special palette. (You can expect a post about them in the future!)
However, the most amazing present of all was the one I got from my best friend. She had bought a little notebook and in it she wrote a lot of things and pasted some photos and poems etc. It is such an original and personal present!
And of course I also got some lovely cards from family and friends.

The black one's name is Frauke and the white one is Pauline

Thanks to everyone who made this day so wonderful!

Hanne .x

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