woensdag 4 maart 2015

Thinking Out Loud #2 Why I Love/Hate Talent Shows

Last Friday I was watching 'The best of X Factor worldwide' with my parents and at some point I realised that I actually hate talent shows,-wel, hate is a strong word, maybe 'don't like' is better...- but at the same time I love them. Let me tell you why...

Let us start on a positive note.
-A talent show gives everyone the chance to make their dream come true. Everyone who wants to can try. All these normal people who have become famous only because of a talent show. Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons why I love them.
-Of course I also enjoy watching talent shows. Seeing people grow through the competition and being supportive for the person you think who deserves it the most to win.

Hate/Don't like
-For every single person who's dream comes true in a talent show, there are hundreds of dreams being destroyed. It is sad to see that some people try so hard and they have been dreaming about being successful with their talent for so long and then their dream get destroyed right before their eyes.
-Some of the judges are unbelievably rude and it really is unnecessary. Of course there are a lot of judges who are amazing like Demi Lovato and Cheryl Cole and a lot more, who actually struggle to tell people they are not good enough. Then you also have those judges -I am not naming them, you all know who I am talking about- who seem to find it funny when they can break someone down. It absolutely disgusts me. You know, there are also friendlier ways to tell someone they are not good enough. You do not have to make them feel even worse.
-While watching a talent show -and especially the auditions- most people laugh at the candidates who are not good, who do not sing very well. Yes, it is funny sometimes, but it is so wrong to actually laugh at those people. They came to the auditions to try and make their dream come true. We should actually look up to them, because they have got the guts to try and they are so brave.
I do not judge any of you, honestly I sometimes laugh at those people myself. However, I think we should keep this in mind while watching.   
-The voting system. When people at home can vote for who they want to go to the next round, you often see that people vote for the most handsome person instead of the most talented. It is absolutely not fair. This is a talent show, not America's next top model or something similar.
There was once a talent show on Belgian tv, 'The Best Singer- Songwriter of Flanders' and in this show people at home could not vote. The judges always decided who would go through to the next round.  This way the winner was actually the most talented person and not the most handsome person or the person with the most fans. I understand that letting people at home vote is a great way to earn money for the people who make the show, but maybe they should think about this again...

I am still going to watch talent shows in the future and I am not saying you cannot anymore. I just really had to write a blogpost about this and share it with you.

What is your favourite talent show? And what do you love/hate about them?

Have a lovely day,
Hanne .x

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