woensdag 1 april 2015

10 Reasons Why I Appreciate My Brother

This morning my brother has left to Barcelona for a week with school. Last night I was imagining some doom scenarios (as I do a lot). I was thinking about what would happen if his bus got an accident or something like that. I realised how much I would miss him if he would pass away (yes, great things to think about when you try to sleep; ahum....) and how much I actually care about my brother. Since I think that we should take some more time, now and then, to appreciate the lovely people around us, I made a list (yay lists!) with 10 reasons why I appreciate my brother so much.

-He defends and protects me
-He makes me laugh and we can act like two crazy kids (which sometimes can annoy my parents ha ha)
-We can have very serious talks
-He is genuinely interested in so many things
-He is passionate about certain things (like basketball)
-No matter how bad our fights get, at the end of the day everything is alright again
-He helps me: with simple things like schoolwork, but also with more important and difficult things
-He really knows me. He sees it when I am sad or need a hug and I know that he cares about me
-He is excited for the future and he knows what he wants; I am still not sure what I want to become later and I am a bit scared of the future. My brother, however, is so excited to go to UNI next year. He knows what he wants to study, but also what he wants to do after UNI.
-He is a fighter. When he falls, he gets up and fights back and I really have a lot of respect for people who are so strong.

Of course there are a hundred more reasons why I appreciate my brother, but I don't want to make it too boring for you ;)

I would really like to read in the comments one (or more) of the reasons why you appreciate your brother and/or sister.

Have a lovely day,
Hanne .x

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    1. Tjah, hoe vaak ik hem ook vervelend vind, ik blijf hem graag mogen :) Ik denk dat dit wel vaker voorkomt tussen broers/zussen/broer en zus, maar dat ze het meestal zelf niet graag toegeven. :)